Thanks, Word, Letters, Scrabble, Gray Letter

As we all know, it takes a village to bring a book to publication. Thank you to all the contributing authors for your fantastic chapters, as well as your patience and dedication to the revision process. Thank you for sticking with your pieces and engaging in this journey to publication; I know we have all experienced sudden and drastic change since the inception of this project. Nicole Pollack, my Editorial Assistant, it has been a pleasure working with you on the nuances of proper nouns, MLA citation, phrasing, and, as we both came to learn, the importance of maintaining authorial voice in the editorial process. Thank you for all your hard work on this project! To the outside readers, Beth Boquet and Dan Lawson, thank you for your time and attention, as well as your invaluable feedback. Your enthusiasm for this topic was evident in your feedback and in our conversations about the chapters and I so appreciate your engagement with this project. To the crew at WLN (Muriel Harris, Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Julia Bleakney, Lee Ann Glowzenski, Karen Gabrielle Johnson, Ted Roggenbuck, and Elizabeth Foster) thank you for all of your feedback and support during the revision process. To Karen, Ted, and Julia, thank you for guiding me through the DEC development process. From our first meeting in Atlanta, you were welcoming and supportive. Thank you to Twenty Six Design for hosting this digital book on your website for free.

And to all the people who have talked with me about wellness and care over the years including graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and people outside of academia, thank you. Without you, this project would be less rich, less full, less dynamic. I dedicate this collection to you and all the tutors around the world who are fighting the good fight by doing outstanding educational and supportive work, even in less than ideal conditions. Your labor and wellness matter. This book is for you.


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Wellness and Care in Writing Center Work by Genie Nicole Giaimo; Kristi Murray Costello; Benjamin J. Villarreal; Lauren Brentnell; Elise Dixon; Rachel Robinson; Miranda Mattingly; Claire Helakoski; Christina Lundberg; Kacy Walz; Sarah Brown; and Yanar Hashlamon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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