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Sky, Wind Direction, West, East


Chapter 1
A Matter of Method: Wellness and Care Research in Writing Center Studies
Genie Nicole Giaimo
Chapter 2
Naming and Negotiating the Emotional Labors of Writing Center Tutoring
Kristi Murray Costello
Chapter 3
Imposter Syndrome in the Writing Center: An Autoethnography of Tutoring as Mindfulness
Benjamin J. Villarreal
Chapter 4
The Hidden and Invisible: Vulnerability in Writing Center Work
Lauren Brentnell, Elise Dixon, & Rachel Robinson
Chapter 5
Cultivating an Emotionally Intelligent Writing Center Culture Online
Miranda Mattingly, Claire Helakoski, Christina Lundberg, & Kacy Walz
Chapter 6
Tutors as Counselors: Fact, Fiction, or Writing Center Necessity
Sarah Brown 
Chapter 7
“A Triumph Over Structures That Disempower”: Principles for Community Wellness in the Writing Center
Yanar Hashlamon
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