Unit 9: Health

Learning Objectives

After you have completed this unit you should be able to:

  • Define healthy eating habits
  • Describe the major risks of an unhealthy diet and the benefits of healthy eating
  • Recognize the temptations not to eat well in a college setting
  • Identify techniques for making healthy food choices
  • Identify the benefits of regular exercise, for both body and brain
  • Plan a regular exercise program that works for you
  • Identify benefits of sleep for both physical and mental health
  • Examine your current sleep habits
  • Identify ways to ensure good sleep habits and high-quality sleep, especially during periods of stress
  • Explain what substance use and abuse is and identify the warning signs that help may be needed
  • Describe the effects of smoking cigarettes on the body
  • Describe the effects of alcohol use and abuse on the body
  • Describe the effects of prescription and illegal drug use and abuse on the body
  • Identify resources for further information and guidance about substance abuse
  • Identify sources of stress, particularly for college students
  • Describe the symptoms and effects of chronic stress
  • List healthy ways of managing stress that fit your current lifestyle
  • Identify the difference between occasional negative emotions and more serious mental health issues, such as anxiety disorder or depression
  • Explore practices for ensuring mental health and emotional balance in your life
  • Identify resources for further information and guidance about mental health issues
  • Identify sexually healthy behaviors, including protecting against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease
  • Identify risks of sexual assault, including date rape, and where to go for help
  • Define safety consciousness
  • Describe strategies for staying safe on campus and elsewhere
  • Identify resources for learning about safety in college

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