Unit 7: Career Exploration

Learning Objectives

After you have completed this unit you should be able to:

  • Identify your motivations for attending college
  • Correlate your short-term goals with longer-range ambitions
  • Define college ready and career ready
  • Describe how your longer-term goals might evolve, relative to your deepening experiences
  • Differentiate between “job” and “career”
  • Explain the five-step process for choosing a career, which includes aligning your personal interests and skills with appropriate fields
  • Identify sources for learning more about specific careers
  • List key strategies for selecting a college major
  • Identify the relationship between college majors and career paths (both why they matter and why they don’t)
  • Identify sources for learning more about specific majors and related careers
  • List specific skills that will be necessary for your career path
  • List transferable skills that will be valuable for any career path
  • Explain how to acquire necessary skills, both in and out of class, for your career goals
  • Describe the stages of career development, and identify the stage you’re currently in
  • Identify career development resources in your school, community, and beyond
  • Define network and identify strategies for networking
  • Identify sources for developing professional networks
  • Define the purpose and contents of a résumé
  • Identify characteristics of an effective cover letter and résumé
  • Describe effective strategies to prepare for an interview
  • Differentiate between different types of interview situations and identify appropriate interview techniques for each
  • Analyze different question types common in interviews

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